Amazon fire turns ‘day into night’ in Sao Paulo

Amazon fire turns ‘day into night’ in Sao Paulo

Agency News

Sao Paulo, Aug 22 : Amid the continuing wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, the shroud of black smoke even reached the capital Sao Paulo, which is nearly 1,700 miles away and covered the city in darkness on Wednesday afternoon.

Powerful winds carried the smoke from rainforests 'turned the day into night’ across the city, reported the BBC on Thursday. The National Institute of Meteorology said the city is engulfed ‘within a cloud’.

The horrific fires spreading across the country have only been reported as particularly severe over the past three weeks, with smoke from the raging infernos now covering more than half of Brazil.

The smoke has traveled from the fires blazing in the Brazilian states of Rondônia and Amazonas and blackened the sky above the city for about an hour, the BBC added. The smoke was so incredibly thick that it was even photographed by NASA last week.

There have been over 72,000 forest fires in Brazil this year with more than half of those concentrated in the Amazon alone. The amount is an 83 percent increase over the same period of 2018 and is the highest since records began in 2013 according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

Most of the fires were located in the Amazon basin - home to the world’s largest tropical forest seen as vital to countering global warming. (UNI)