N Korea slams US for conducting joint military drills with S Korea

N Korea slams US for conducting joint military drills with S Korea

Agency News

Pyongyang, Aug 18: North Korea has once again lambasted the United States for conducting joint military drills with South Korea, local media reported on Sunday.
Accusing US for challenging the historic N Korea-US joint statement in which commitments were made to establish new North Korea -US relations, Pyongyang said the military exercises may hamper durable peace keeping mechanism in the Korean Peninsula. However, US has been claiming that the ongoing military drills are just mock exercises for confirming the South Korean army's ability to take over the wartime operation control.

Pyongyang also vowed to continue its weapons development. "The right answer for removing all the potential and direct threats posed to the security of our state is the constant development of powerful physical means and their deployment for an actual war.", the report said.
North Korea has been staging a series of missile launches, which it has described as new weapons tests. On Saturday, Pyongyang confirmed that it tested some new weapon on Friday, adding that their Supreme leader Kim Jong Un guided the launch. The North has even rejected Seoul's recent announcement of reunification plans by 2045. UNI