Demand to remove Priyanka Chopra from the post of UNICEF Peace Ambassador

Demand to remove Priyanka Chopra from the post of UNICEF Peace Ambassador

Agency News

Pakistani actress Armeena Khan has requested to UNICEF for removing Priyanka Chopra from the post of its peace ambassador.

The recent tussle between Priyanka Chopra and a Pakistani American Ayesha Malik in Los Angeles, US, was the immediate provocation from the Pak actor to raise such a demand.

During a beauty festival in Los Angeles, Ayesha called Priyanka Chopra as ‘hypocrite’ while Priyanka Chopra was talking about her humanitarian activities.

The war of words between Priyanka Chopra and Ayesha Malik soon turned into a hot topic across media globally. In the event, Priyanka Chopra had been talking about her humanitarian activities, which irked Malik. In the Question and Answer session, Ayesha retorted: “It was kind of hard hearing you talk about humanity, because, as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you are a bit of a hypocrite”. Ayesha’s irate reaction was in response to a tweet that Chopra had sent in support of the Indian armed forces on 26 February, the same day India conducted airstrikes (Balakot attack) in Pakistan. “You are a Unicef ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan,” 28-year-old Malik blamed.

Now, Pakistani actress Armeena Khan and her fiance have asked UNICEF for PeeCee's removal as the peace ambassador. The Pak actress goes on to baselessly accuse Priyanka of supporting the war through her tweets.

Netizens took Twitter to bash the Pakistani actress, accusing her of trying to grab the limelight by accusing an international star like Priyanka.