Jeremy Corbyn seeks to oust PM Boris Johnson

Jeremy Corbyn seeks to oust PM Boris Johnson

Agency News

The Labour main opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn urged anti-Boris Johnson MPs to make him Britain’s caretaker prime minister to avoid a no-deal Brexit. But his proposal met with a mixed response on Thursday. Jeremy Corbyn said that once in power, he would seek to delay Britain’s October 31 exit date from the European Union and then call a general election.

It is learnt that the Corbyn will seek a vote of confidence after MPs return to parliament on September 3, if he feels sure of victory. Conservative PM Johnson has pledged to take Britain out of the EU on October 31, without a divorce deal if one cannot be agreed with Brussels. With time running out, MPs opposed to Brexit, or at least to a no-deal departure, are scrambling for viable plans to stop Johnson in his tracks.