Navy for rapid warship construction

Navy for rapid warship construction


With China building warships at a rapid pace, India is banking on upcoming construction technology to keep pace with the dragon nation. The ongoing project, 17-A, using modular construction, is what the Navy thinks will be its future and set the pace for making new warships. The Navy hopes the building time will be brought down from the present seven-eight years to three-four years for each warship. The first one is expected to be inducted in three years. All the seven warships of this project are expected by 2026 or 2027.

The construction on the first one started in February 2017 and it should be ready for trials in 2021. The cost of each warship is around Rs 6,300 crore. The modular construction will lay the path for future ship building, said a senior functionary. This is the first time India is trying this concept, which is common in Europe, Korea, Japan and the US. It involves building a multi-thousand-tonne warship in small modules, which are brought together and assembled at one place.