Week-end protests mount in Hong Kong

Week-end protests mount in Hong Kong


Hong Kong was convulsed by mass demonstrations and chaos for a second straight day on Sunday, as the police fired tear gas into a subway station and the authorities accused protesters of attacking officers with gasoline bombs.

The unrest in several downtown districts came in the 10th weekend of protests in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory and capped a week in which the protest movement mounted its fiercest resistance yet to Beijing’s rule of the former British colony.

The chaos and uncertainty, in which the police said some protesters threw gasoline bombs, came six days after a general strike and street clashes brought much of the financial hub to a standstill.

The demonstrations prompted Beijing to sternly warn the protesters not to test its resolve and to warn of retribution.

Top Chinese officials  said the demonstrations 'have the clear characteristics of a color revolution,' a reference to the former Soviet uprisings that Beijing believes drew inspiration from the United States. They have accused an American diplomat, of being a 'black hand' bent on stirring chaos in the island.

For now at least, protesters seem determined to keep pressing their broad demands for greater democracy,  using flash-mob-style tactics on the streets that keep the authorities guessing.