Typhoon Lekima: Death toll mounts to 32

Typhoon Lekima: Death toll mounts to 32

Agency News

Beijing, Aug 11: As many as 32 people died and 16 were still missing in east China's Zhejiang Province after typhoon Lekima made landfall in the province, local authorities said on Sunday morning.

The latest figures were released at 1330 hours local time.

According to a local news agency, the typhoon landed around 0145 hours on Saturday in Zhejiang, bringing heavy rainstorms and triggering flash floods. The victims mainly belonged to the Yongjia county in the Zhejiang province. The barrier lake busted and scattered people.Nearly 1.08 million people have been evacuated to safer places, the provincial flood control headquarters said.

Lekima was expected to churn up at the east coast towards Shandong Province on Sunday. (UNI)