Israel defense forces kill armed militants

Israel defense forces kill armed militants

Agency News

Tel Aviv, Aug 10 : The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have neutralized a group of armed militants who were approaching Israel from the Gaza Strip, the IDF said in a statement on Saturday. "We just identified a number of terrorists from Gaza approaching Israel, armed with AK-47 assault rifles, RPG grenade launchers & grenades – one of which was thrown. Once one of the terrorists crossed into Israel, our troops opened fire. The terrorists were neutralized," the IDF tweeted.

Tensions repeatedly flare up in the region, resulting in casualties from both Israelis and Palestinians. One of the recent spikes of violence took place in early May. Back then Israel said that it detected dozens of rockets fired from the area. The IDF responded by hitting Hamas, which Israel designates as a terrorist group and other terrorist targets. The violence resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians and several Israelis. Most of the victims were civilians.UNI