UN chief welcomes Greta’s decision

UN chief welcomes Greta’s decision

Agency News

United Nations, Aug 1 : UN Secretary-General António Guterres has tweeted that he is looking forward to meeting internationally renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg when she arrives in New York for the Climate Action Summit that will take place at UN Headquarters in September.

The UN chief on Wednesday wrote that Ms Thunberg, and her generation, have “grasped the urgency of the climate crisis better than many others”, and that “it’s time we listen”. The Summit will bring together governments, the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other international organisations to develop ambitious solutions to the climate crisis.

Ms Thunberg announced on Monday she will be sailing across the Atlantic on the sixty-foot racing boat Malizia II in mid-August, and will continue on to Chile for the COP25 Climate Conference in Santiago, which will take place in December. (UNI)