Hong Kong police detain 49 over Sunday unrest

Hong Kong police detain 49 over Sunday unrest

Agency News

Central, Jul 29: Hong Kong police on Monday said that they have detained 49 people during unauthorised demonstrations.

The Sunday rallies were initially greenlighted by the authorities, but some protesters went off the prescribed route, blocking central streets. The police used tear gas in clashes with demonstrators.

"The police strongly condemn the illegal actions of a group of radical protesters who, as a result of acts of vandalism, caused significant damage to state property, committed acts of arson and attacked the police with various weapons during the protests on July 28 ... In connection with yesterday's incident, the police detained 49 people for crimes, including unauthorised assembly and possession of weapons," the police said in a statement.

The statement added that radical protesters were throwing bricks and glass bottles at police officers as well as shooting bows and crossbows.

Mass rallies erupted in Hong Kong in early June as the authorities were considering a bill that would allow the autonomous Chinese city to extradite suspects to mainland China.(UNI)