Police nab 631 suspects trading bank cards

Police nab 631 suspects trading bank cards

Agency News

Beijing, Jul 26 : Police from 27 provincial-level regions across China have busted a ring selling bank cards and corporate accounts overseas and arrested 631 suspects, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said Friday.

The police seized 11,220 bank cards and 1,886 corporate accounts in a massive raid orchestrated by the MPS on April 28. The police also confiscated a large number of SIM cards, USB keys and seals. Previously, police in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region caught a group of five criminal suspects, including one surnamed Jiang, that led to the bust of the ring.

Investigations found that multiple criminal gangs hidden in the Philippines have hired students and migrant workers in China to open bank accounts and corporate accounts and mail the materials, including bank cards, to Jiang in the city of Chongzuo on the China-Vietnam border. After receiving the bank cards and other materials, Jiang would smuggle them out of the country with the help of others. The materials were then transported to other countries where they were used for telecom fraud, police sources said.

The MPS said that public security authorities nationwide would maintain high pressure on new types of online crimes and guarantee the property safety and legal rights and interests of the people. (XINHUA)