S Korea says N Korea launches two short-range missiles into sea

S Korea says N Korea launches two short-range missiles into sea

Agency News

Seoul, Jul 25: North Korea launched two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan off its east coast on early Thursday, the South Korean military said.

"The North Korea fired one short-range missile at around 5.34 am and the other at 5.57am, from Hodo Peninsula near its eastern coastal town of Wonsan into the East Sea," Yonhap news agency quoted South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) as saying.

One missile flew around 430 kilometers and the other appeared to travel a bit farther based upon an analysis by the United States, a JCS officer said, adding that both flew at an altitude of around 50 kilometers. They were presumed to have been fired from a transporter erector launcher (TEL) and landed in the East Sea, the officer pointed out.

"We believe that (North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un has recently stayed in the region, and summertime military drills are now underway in the North. We have been closely monitoring the situation," he noted. Apart from that, the officer noted that additional analysis was required for checking if the missiles were ballistic and if they were the same type that North Korea test-fired twice in May.

Earlier, South Korean media reported that North Korea had fired two unidentified projectiles that flew 267 miles and fell into the Sea of Japan.

In Tokyo, Japanese Defence Minister Takeshi Iwaya said that Japan will gather and analyze information in close coordination with the United States and South Korea.

This would be the first launch reported since US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas on June 30.

Pyongyang last weapons testing was on May 9, and included both short-range missiles as well as smaller rockets. (UNI)