Liberia provides troops to UN Mali Mission

Liberia provides troops to UN Mali Mission

Agency News

United Nations, Jul 25 : Liberia has formally agreed to send peacekeeping troops to the UN’s Mission in war-torn Mali.

The move is being seen as a significant transition for Liberia, which, for decades, was a host nation for ‘blue helmet’ peacekeepers, with a UN mission that was fully drawn down in March of last year. The Liberian soldiers will join the 105-strong contingent of troops serving in the key Malian base of Timbuktu.

The UN’s head of Operational Support, Atul Khare, said during the signing ceremony on Tuesday that "Liberia's path to peace demonstrates the clear positive impact of UN peacekeeping as a country that moved from conflict to stability and today is a key partner in assisting other countries in need". (UNI)