Dengue fever crossed 350,000 across in Bangladesh

Dengue fever crossed 350,000 across in Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Jul 23: The number of people affected by dengue fever has already crossed 350,000 across Bangladesh this year, stakeholders have assumed analysing relevant records.The disease control wing at Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) warns the situation may worsen in the coming months. This correspondent talked to five government and private experts over the matter. None of them contradicted with the assumed number of dengue victims.

Professor Abul Kalam Azad, director general at DGHS, also did not deny the number. Analysing the statistics about those who took medical treatment from the hospitals after dengue fever, the disease control wing also said all victims are not recorded.
Epidemiologists and advisor at the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), Mahmudur Rahman said to this correspondent. This projected number is very useful. This helps understand the problem and take preventive measures.

Heath Emergency and Control Room statistics show as many as 7,179 people have already been admitted to different hospitals with dengue fever this year, meaning the actual number would be 358, 950 till 22 July 2019.According to the government statistics, last year 10,148 people were admitted to various hospitals with dengue fever whereas WHO said 507,400 people suffered from dengue fever in 2018.

The authorities also pointed out that only two per cent of the admitted patients are recorded. The government has no data over the rest of 98 per cent of patients, the authorities said adding some 85 per cent of the patients do not take treatment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) helped the government to draw scenario of dengue patients in Bangladesh.However, Abul Kalam Azad said, I have no idea what method the World Health Organisation had followed to find out the assumed number.

He admits many remain missing in records of DGHS. It does not cover all hospitals, professor Abul Kalam Azad added. He also said that the hospitals, which send information to the government office, do not send information about the patients treated at their outdoors. Meanwhile, an investigation found that at least 26 people have already died from denguefever this year.

Hospital records show 403 people got admitted to 49 private and public hospitals on Monday alone. Till yesterday, as many as 349 people remained admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital while Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital admitted 171 dengue patients.The hospital is flooded with dengue patients, said the hospital’s director brigadier general Brayan Bankim Halder. Trends of the last few years show people mostly got infected with dengue in August and September.

Government records show 5,050 people have been infected with dengue in July alone. More 1,665 people remained admitted to the different hospitals till yesterday (Monday).But, the actual number is higher than the government’s figure. An official at the National Malaria Control Programme of the health directorate told this correspondent that two specialists of WHO are working with the government on a report on dengue patients. The report will be revealed soon, the official added. (UNI)