40 militant groups in Pak, says Imran

40 militant groups in Pak, says Imran


Successive governments in Pakistan did not tell the truth to the United States, in particular in the last 15 years, the visiting Prime Minister,Mr.  Imran Khan said, adding that there were 40 different militant groups operating in his country.

'We were fighting the US war on terror. Pakistan has nothing to do with 9/11. Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan. There were no militant Taliban in Pakistan. But we joined the US war. Unfortunately, when things went wrong, where I blame my government, we did not tell the US exactly the truth on the ground,' Mr.  Khan said.

He was addressing a Capitol Hill reception hosted by the Congresswoman, Ms.  Sheila Jackson Lee, Chairperson of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus.

She is also a member of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

Part of the reason for this, Mr. Khan explained, was that the Pakistani governments were not in control. 'There were 40 different militant groups operating within Pakistan. So Pakistan went through a period where people like us were worried about could we survive it. So while the US expected us to do more and help the US win the war, Pakistan at that time was fighting for its own existence,' he said.