Violation of ICJ orders could result in sanctions against Pakistan: Salve

Violation of ICJ orders could result in sanctions against Pakistan: Salve

Agency News

London, Jul 17 : Senior Counsel Harish Salve, who represented India and Kulbhushan Jadhav in the International Court of Justice at The Hague, on Wednesday welcomed the 15-1 verdict of the court and said if Pakistan violates the directives, Islamabad can even attract sanctions.

He also said there are "fantastic lawyers" in Pakistan, who will take up the cause of Jadhav, on whom the Pakistani military court had served the death sentence but the verdict of the 'farcical' process was suspended by the ICJ earlier in the day."Consular access has to be given, if it is not given, we can go back to the ICJ. If the country brazenly defies the ICJ edict, there are other provisions including sanctions," Mr Salve told reporters here. He welcomed the ICJ order and said Pakistan has to do everything to implement the Vienna Convention and also take necessary "legislative measures".

Answering questions, Mr Salve maintained that the ICJ order makes it clear that he cannot be 'tortured'. He said if the trial is not fair, "we can go back to the ICJ". "We expect Pakistan to do whatever it has to do including appropriate legislative measures to guarantee a fair trial. So Pakistan's conduct is under watch and if what they do is another farcical attempt, we will be back in the Court," the attorney said.

To a question, he said, while he cannot represent Jadhav in a Pakistani court, - he was sure that -- "....there are fantastic lawyers in Pakistan, who will take up his (Jadhav's) cause".  "Personally, as a lawyer, I am delighted that the court has upheld our argument," he said.  Harish Salve also said that he has "degree of personal satisfaction" that a lot of adjectives were used by Pakistan, even in replying at court I characterise them as unfortunate. I said it's my upbringing and India's tradition which stood in my way of replying to them in that language".

On denial of India's request for annulment of the verdict of the Pak military court, he said, "We had ambitiously asked for annulment, the court said no.....but they have said Pakistan has to do everything to make Vienna Convention a reality". (UNI)