More than 35 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban ambush

More than 35 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban ambush

Agency News

Kabul, Jul 18 : In the northwestern Afghan province of Badghis, more than 35 soldiers have been killed in a Taliban ambush.

Sources told that some seven soldiers have been taken hostage."The ambush took place Wednesday night in Ab Kamari District at Maida Qul area, the soldiers were heading from Ghor province to Ab Kamari District in Badghis province. Thirty-five members of Special Forces were killed and seven more captured," the Sputnik report said.

On Wednesday, Badghis Governor Abdul Ghafoor Malekzai in turn reported that 25 soldiers had been killed in the attack.

According to the source, reinforcements were not deployed timely, which caused the massive casualties. "After ambush, the Air Force bombed the area killing almost 50 Taliban militants," the source added.The Taliban have already claimed responsibility for the ambush, claiming that it killed 39 commandos and captured 16. (UNI)