Johnson to push for trade deal with US by Brexit deadline

Johnson to push for trade deal with US by Brexit deadline

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Moscow, Jul 15 : Boris Johnson, the current front-runner in the UK Conservative Party leadership race, will aim to strike a trade deal with the United States by the Brexit deadline and set it as one of his core priorities if he takes the office of the UK prime minister, The Times newspaper reported on Monday, citing an informed source.

"The key to the whole thing is the US. If we get a trade deal with America we will be very quickly in the market for other deals. It encourages others to realise that we mean business," Jonson’s unnamed ally told the newspaper.

With a view to negotiating a deal, Johnson is likely to travel to the United States at the time of the UN General Assembly session in September, according to the politician’s allies. The visit, however, may take place even sooner, said Sputnik.

By the October 31 deadline, Johnson is thereby expected to secure a limited trade deal in "one area" of goods with the United States and outline a framework for a full-fledged agreement with US President Donald Trump.

"There is no question that the moment we leave on the [October] 31st we should be in a position to get some kind of arrangement with the US," the source said.

Within the first days in office, Johnson, however, is supposed to visit France and Germany, according to the source.

The UK Conservative Party is expected to announce the name of its new leader on July 23 after its members vote to choose between Johnson and incumbent Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The winner will automatically become UK Prime Minister. (UNI)