UN calls for probe on Philippines’ ‘war on drugs’

UN calls for probe on Philippines’ ‘war on drugs’

Agency News

United Nations, Jul 14 : United Nationl Human Rights Council in Geneva has urged the Philippines Government to do more to prevent extrajudicial killings, linked to its campaign against illegal drug use.

In a close vote, the 47-Member Council adopted a resolution which expressed concern that since President Rodrigo Duterte announced his so-called war on drugs in 2016, there have been allegations that thousands of people involved with the drug trade and drug use have been killed.

The resolution – which was adopted on Thursday by 18 votes in favour to 14 against with 15 abstentions – also appeals to the authorities to investigate the deaths and to hold perpetrators accountable.

The text also calls on the Philippines Government to cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights by facilitating country visits and “refraining from all acts of intimidation or retaliation” against rights experts. (UNi)