Massive power failure hits NY

Massive power failure hits NY

Agency News

New York, Jul 14: A massive blackout has been reported on Saturday in New York City leaving over 40,000 people without electricity and trapping many of them in subway tunnels and elevators.
According to power service company Con Edison, more than 44,000 people have been affected by the outage by 8.30 pm on Sunday. "We're trying to get people out of subways. We’re trying to get people out of elevators. It’s a big mess," a source in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the NY Daily newspaper.

Several local media quote the NYC Fire Department saying the blackout could have been caused by a transformer fire that had started in mid Manhattan. Local media reported that all restaurants have gone dark in Hell's Kitchen. According to the NYC power providing company, Consolidated Edison Inc., some 42,000 New Yorkers have lost electricity, primarily on the west side of Manhattan. The company is currently working to restore power, its Twitter account says.

Notably, the blackout ensues on the 42nd anniversary of the infamous July 13-14 blackout in 1977, when power outage took over most of the New York city and led to massive looting, arson and other public disturbances. UNI