Manhattan Power Outage causes by a manhole fire, Mayor

Manhattan Power Outage causes by a manhole fire, Mayor

Agency News

New York, July 14: A power outage gripped New York's Manhattan on Saturday, plunges the whole city into darkness. After the outage, Broadway theaters going into darkness, subways grinding to a halt and flicking off billboards in Times Square. New York city Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter that the outage was caused by a "manhole fire".

Later, talking to CNN, Bill de Blasio also said that the real reason still has to be found out. About 42,000 customers lost electricity in the early evening, according to the Con Edison utility, which brings power to the city people.

On social media, dozens of users posted photos of subway stations bathed in darkness. "While Con Edison works to restore power in Manhattan, we encourage everyone to avoid below-ground subway stations," New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority said on Twitter.

Firefighters said they were responding to numerous requests for help, particularly from people trapped in elevators. It took place on the anniversary of the 1977 "Blackout" power cut that affected virtually the entirety of New York in the midst of an economic crisis.