Chinese spy ship reportedly arrives off Queensland coast

Chinese spy ship reportedly arrives off Queensland coast

Agency News

Sydney, Jul 14 : Somewhere in picturesque Far North Queensland, pleasure craft sailing just off the coast may have spotted an unusual-looking visitor to their region.
One week after the ABC revealed a Chinese surveillance ship was being tracked heading for Australia, video has emerged purporting to show the arrival of the high-tech vessel.

The amateur video was apparently recorded from on board another boat on Saturday morning, then shared on social media shortly after.

Beijing has dispatched the so-called spy ship to Queensland to monitor joint military exercises with the United States known as "Talisman Sabre".

A ship is seen in the far left corner of the image with a boat to the right with a billowing, red, purple and yellow sail.

Although it has not been formally verified, the brief video shows a Chinese-flagged naval vessel numbered 853 making its way south along the coast, where it eventually passes another nearby yacht.

Last week, the ABC reported that the ADF had identified the visiting Chinese vessel as the Tianwangxing, which translates as "Uranus" and carries the number 853.The Dongdiao-class vessel belongs to the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) East Sea Fleet which is based in Zhejiang Province, and was commissioned in late 2010.On board the Dongdiao AGI 853 are several clearly visible spherical domes which shield dish antennas that collect and intercept radio signals and give it a distinct profile.(UNi)