Indian cancer patient stranded at Saudi, comes home

Indian cancer patient stranded at Saudi, comes home

Agency News

Jeddah, Jul 12: An Indian cancer patient, who was critically ill and had been stranded in Saudi Arabia, have finally flown back to India to reunite with his family after several efforts, sources said on Friday.

Mohammed Munna Ansari (39) of Siwan district in Bihar was working in one of the leading construction firms, which is now defunct, in eastern province in Saudi Arabia for the last six years. Like some hundreds of expatriate workers including huge number of Indian workers of the same firm, he was not being able to return home as their residency visas were expired and all of them stranded.

Ansari was diagnosed with blood cancer and was in critical stage, initially treated at a local hospital. However after expiration of his health insurance card, hospital stopped his treatment. Some of the NRIs from Bihar had contacted Nass Shoukat Ali, an Indian social worker known for taking up such cases with Saudi, who arranged Ansari repatriation with the help of the authorities.

The returning home for ailing Indians including those in serious condition with expiry of Iqama is compounding misery. Some of them have died here before they could return home. (UNI)