Fiery debate on the video of Trump kissing a campaign aide

Fiery debate on the video of Trump kissing a campaign aide

Agency News

A video of Trump kissing a campaign aide Alva Johnson during his presidential campaign in 2016 has become a hot topic in US with both the Trumps legal team and the victim take opposite stand on the issue.

President Donald Trump's legal team posted a video of him kissing campaign aide Alva Johnson and they claimed that Trump’s kiss was not offensive. But Alva Johnson’s side says that the video proves her accusation of forcible kissing.

Johnson, a former Trump campaign staffer who lives in Alabama, alleged in a lawsuit filed in February that Trump grabbed her hand and forcibly kissed her without her consent in Florida in August 2016. Johnson also claims she was underpaid compared to male campaign staffers.

A short clip of a longer video taken by a Trump campaign volunteer and released by Trump attorney Charles Harder earlier this week allegedly shows the encounter. "And I've left my family for eight months for you," reported CNN quoting Johnson.

The White House and the Trump campaign have denied Johnson's allegations. In a court filing Wednesday, Trump attorney Harder argued that the video shows Trump kissing Johnson in a manner which is totally against her allegations.