AAPI’s women’s forum discusses changes in women’s career

AAPI’s women’s forum discusses changes in women’s career

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New York, Jul 7 : “I have to work double hard in Bollywood; men had lots of freedom and can have their way; and women had to be confined to line always,” recalled Bollywood actor Preity Zinta, in her keynote address at the Women’s Forum to a packed audience during the 37th annual Convention of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) at the world famous World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Organised by the AAPI, the women’s Forum had a galaxy of successful women, who shared with the AAPI delegates their own stories of growing up and facing challenges with conviction and courage, and have today become role models for other women around the world.

Dr Naresh Parikh welcomed the panelists on Friday to the Forum with a warm note. He, in his opening remarks, highlighted the importance of Women’s Forum, which has come to be a much sought after event at ever Convention and GHS.

In her welcome remarks, Dr Asha Parikh, Chairwoman of the Women’s Forum, said, “There is a need for empowerment of women, which means women should be respected at home, at work and in the larger society.”

Dr Parikh underscored the importance of the Women’s Forum in AAPI convention and Global Healthcare Summit, and how it has evolved and today it’s one of the much sought after event, with distinguished panelists on the Forum. “The Women’s Forum is where successful and powerful women come and share their life’s dreams, challenges and this empower and inspire other women. Today’s Forum is about how career changes by women affect them and the larger society.”

The Women’s Forum had Bollywood actor Preity Zinta and designer Archana Kochar, who promotes India and Indian-ness through fashion.

Priety Zinta said, in a developing country like hours, women have come to be successful and they have to be working really hard.”

She also stressed on the need for equal wages and respect for women. "Have them walk shoulder to shoulder with men is the biggest challenge, she said.

Zinta said, educating women is critical and the need of the hour.

“In fact, education helps to highlight a woman’s strength and how much she can do to better the life of her children.”

According to her, great emphasis should be given to every woman to empower her financially and socially, educationally, so that she can be independent. “I believe that the woman empowerment means financial independence and self-reliance for women.”

Archana Kochhar spoke about guiding our children to make career choices in the highly competitive fashion world.

"If one wants to make fashion his or her career, one needs to be prepared to have hard work, right attitude, creativity, how you deal with people, especially being humble and open attitude," she said.

The three-day historic event, the 37th Annual AAPI Convention & Scientific Assembly being held from July 3rd to July 7th, 2019 at the fabulous and world famous Omni Atlanta at CNN Center and Georgia World Congress Center, and inaugurated by Sadhguru, offered an intimate setting that facilitates the exchange of cutting-edge research through CMEs, promotes business relationships, and displays and promotes ethnic culture and traditions. (UNI)