Proposal on bringing Rakhaine of Myanmar under Bangladesh placed in US Congress

Proposal on bringing Rakhaine of Myanmar under Bangladesh placed in US Congress

Agency News

Dhaka, Jul 1: A proposal has recently been placed in the US Congress for bringing Rakhaine state of Myanmar under Bangladesh territory.

The proposal was made on June 13 during a hearing on the State Department’s budget for the South Asia.

According to a news item published in an online news portal of US on June 28, Congressman Bradley Sherman, Chairman of Sub-committee on Asia Pacific of the Congress, called upon the State Department to consider the proposal of bringing Rakhaine state of Myanmar under Bangladesh.

Pointing to the US’s support for split of South Sudan from Sudan, Sherman asked why the US would not take similar step for protecting the civil rights of Rohingyas of Myanmar?

Referring to the genocide, which took place in Myanmar, he said, if Myanmar cannot take responsibility of Rohingyas, then it is logical to bring Rakhaine under Bangladesh, which took responsibility of the oppressed people.

It is known that diplomats, representing Trump administration, neither rejected Sherman’s proposal nor they supported it.

It may be mentioned that, in 2016-17 a large number of Rohingyas from Rakhaine in Myanmar fled to Bangladesh to escape atrocities, that the international community, including the United Nations, termed crimes against humanity.

The Myanmar authorities were accused of carrying out killings, mass rape, arson attacks, which resulted in massive violation of human rights of Rohingyas.

Meanwhile, in a recent meeting with Indian Ambassador to US Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Congressman Sherman called on India to play its due role in protecting the rights of people in Myanmar. (UNI)