BRICS needs to work closer: Xi

BRICS needs to work closer: Xi

Agency News

Osaka, Jun 28: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday urged the developing economies to be more alert to external threats, while tightening cooperation within the bloc.

Xi said Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa needed to work closer together and build relationships that were of mutual benefit and based on mutual respect and fairness.

"We need to make BRICS more competitive, take on a more active role in the global cooperation on innovations and create an open, fair and nondiscriminatory climate," he added."In this complex environment, BRICS member states need to strengthen their development and ability to stand up to external challenges," he said at a BRICS summit on the margins of the G20 Summit in Japan, according to a Sputnik report.

The Chinese president said he supported Brazil’s proposal to focus on stimulating "innovative cooperation" between the five member states this year in order to re-energise "high-quality development."  (UNI)