Cambodia building collapse: Two pulled alive from rubble

Cambodia building collapse: Two pulled alive from rubble

Agency News

Phnom Penh, Jun 25: In Cambodia, two people have been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building - more than two days after Saturday's disaster. The two survivors were given water and taken to hospital in the coastal town of Sihanoukville, said a BBC News report.

The death toll earlier had risen to 25 at the Chinese-owned construction site. A similar number were reported injured. The seven-storey building collapsed on Saturday morning before dawn, with many workers asleep inside.The two people were rescued several hours after officials had said they did not believe any more survivors would be found alive.

"It's like I was just reborn, I did not have hope that I would survive," Ros Sitha, one of the survivors, told news agency AFP after his rescue. "I screamed for help, but nobody heard me. But at last they heard me when rescuers came closer to the spot and they pulled me out."Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen visited the site earlier on Monday. He accepted the resignation of the governor of the south-eastern province.

There are varying estimates of the number of people still missing. Relatives at a local hospital said around a dozen people were still believed to be buried in the debris. A number of bodies were found overnight on Sunday as rescuers used diggers and drills to shift the rubble.The building collapse is the worst of its kind in Cambodia in recent years and will raise further questions over the rate and sustainability of construction in Sihanoukville.

Previously a small fishing village, it has changed beyond recognition over the last three years with the construction of dozens of hotels, and casinos catering almost solely to Chinese tourists.Four people have been arrested over the collapse, including the Chinese building owner, the head of the construction firm and the contractor.

A Cambodian landowner has also been taken in for questioning. The Chinese embassy in Cambodia has expressed its condolences, saying it is supporting a "thorough investigation" of the accident and the Chinese nationals arrested. Cambodia has notoriously lax labour laws, putting construction workers at risk. The International Labour Organisation has highlighted the "exposure of workers to constant safety and health hazards" on building sites.