US doubts about IMF bail out to Pak

US doubts about IMF bail out to Pak


The US seems to have serious reservations over the IMF providing a bailout to Pakistan and global tenders for the purpose.

The US is seeking conditionality in the global tender as well as the IMF reaching accord on the  multi-billion dollar bailout package with cash-strapped Pakistan. “Conditionality” is in the new financial aid from the global lender.

Last month, Pakistan had  reached an agreement with the Washington-headquartered IMF for a  6 billion dollars  package to  shore up its finances immediately and strengthen a slowing economy. It is trying  to overcome a soaring balance-of-payments crisis.

The US has serious reservations over lenders like the IMF providing a bailout to pay off Chinese debts. 'There is a discussion about the conditionality what we think would be appropriate for an IMF package to Pakistan,' a  Senior State Department official, Alice G Wells, said.