South Africa MP ‘racially abused’ at tourist site

South Africa MP ‘racially abused’ at tourist site

Agency News

Cape Town, Jun 19: A South African opposition MP says she is going to the police to report an allegedly racist incident, during which she says she punched a man in self-defence.
Phumzile van Damme was visiting Cape Town's V&A Waterfront when she got into a row with a white woman, she says in a video on her Twitter account.
It's not clear what the issue was but Ms van Damme said the woman refused to apologise.
"And then when I went out she was standing there with her family in a threatening manner... and I said 'why are you looking at me in a threatening manner?'
"And then she said 'it's because you're black.'"
The woman's son then insulted Ms van Damme and, according to the MP, he said that he could insult her because she was black.
She then said she punched him in the head in self-defence.
The V&A Waterfront has apologised for the "unpleasant altercation" which it said it "did not handle with the necessary objectivity". (UNI)