Dozens dead in latest round of Mali violence

Dozens dead in latest round of Mali violence

Agency News

Bamako, Jun 19 : Attacks on two villages in central Mali have left at least 38 people dead.
The victims are reportedly mostly from the Dogon ethnic group and Monday's attacks on Gangafani and Yoro appear to be the latest round of violence in a series of ethnic clashes, said a BBC News report.
A government statement describes the incidents as "terrorist attacks".
Earlier this month, 35 people died when the Dogon village of Sobame Da was targeted.
In March, more than 130 Fulani people were killed in an attack on a village, also in central Mali, by armed men wearing traditional Dogon hunters' clothing.
President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has called for an end to the cycle of violence but people are now criticising his government for failing to stamp it out. (UNI)