Border killings unfortunate, says BSF chief

Border killings unfortunate, says BSF chief

Agency News

Dhaka, June 16: Indian Border Security Force (BSF) chief Rajni Kant Mishra on Saturday said that killings across the Bangladesh and India border has recently gone up.

“I don't agree with the word killing. However, unfortunate killings are taking place across the border,” the BSF chief said when reporters drew his attention to the killings across the border.
The border conference between Border Guard Bangladesh and Indian Border Security Force (BSF) ended at the BGB headquarters in Dhaka on Saturday. The conference was followed by a media briefing. During the briefing, the BSF director general claimed when there was no alternative, BSF members reacted to protect their lives.

He said lives were very important to them. All the incidents took place inside the Indian territory and BSF members also lost their lives, Mishra added.

A young man at the Satkhira border alleged several months ago that members of BSF tried to kill him by pouring petrol into his mouth and rectum. Later, the youth died while undergoing treatment. A total of 15 killings have taken place in the first five months of the current year.

Mishra did not make any comment on Satkhira youth. He, however, objected to using the word 'killing'. The lives of people are very important to them and a decision is in place not to use firearms across the border, he said, adding BSF members were trained. BSF chief admitted that the situation sometimes went out of control. Miscreants threw stones at BSF members, beat up them and attacked them with knives. As there were no alternatives, BSF members used firearms in a small number of incidents, he said.