Somalia: Blasts kill 12 Kenyan police officers

Somalia: Blasts kill 12 Kenyan police officers

Agency News

Moigadishu, Jun 15: Two powerful explosions hit Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday in which at least 12 Kenyan police officers were killed.
According to the police, the first explosion went off near a security checkpoint at Sayidka junction manned by security forces near the parliament building while another explosion occurred in the same area.
"A team of 13 administration police officers were attacked with IED between Riba and Konton and only one survived with serious injuries subject to confirmation of the number of death toll," said the police officer who declined to be identified, reported Xinhua.
The officers were travelling in a vehicle when it was hit by improvised explosive device (IED) in Wajir county along the border with Somalia.
A senior Wajir police officer confirmed the mid-morning incident by suspected al-Shabab militants believed to have crossed over from neighboring Somalia. The incident took place between Riba and Konton villages in Wajir east.
Meanwhile, the al-Qaida allied terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack in northeastern Kenya, saying their fighters seized the Konton village in the outskirts of Wajir town. (UNI)