Heated clashes lead to 17 deaths in Darfur

Heated clashes lead to 17 deaths in Darfur

Agency News

United Nations, Jun 14 : Heated clashes between nomads and villagers in Central Darfur have led to the death of 17 people with at least 15 others injured, has said the joint African Union-UN Mission to the volatile Sudanese region.

UNAMID on Thursday said that after sending a team to Deleij village on Tuesday, which has a population of around 150,000, locals had told them the violence erupted over an increase in commodity prices at the local market. In addition to the deaths and injuries, around 100 houses were also burnt.

UNAMID Joint Special Representative Jeremiah Mamabolo said the Mission was deeply concerned about these developments and appealed to “all involved in these clashes to show restraint and opt for peaceful means to resolve differences.”Against the backdrop of a violent military crackdown in the capital Khartoum following the overthrow of former leader Omar el-Bashir, he said that peaceful mediation was the “only course of action that can satisfy the interest of the people of Darfur at this delicate time.”

UNAMID said it would intensify confidence-building measures in the affected area to promote inter-communal dialogue.