US ready for trade talks with India

US ready for trade talks with India


The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has pushed for India to further open its economy and also 'diversify' its energy portfolio, saying countries that have provided American companies access to their markets have seen 'real opportunity'.

Speaking at the India Ideas Summit of US-India Business Council in Washington, ahead of his visit to New Delhi, Pompei said America is 'open' to dialogue on trade issues.

He said countries that had allowed US firms to have a 'fair and reciprocal trade' had seen the US  open up to them. 'And I think they’ve seen real opportunity.'

The diplomat’s remarks have come amid trade-related frictions between the US and several other countries, including Mexico, India and China.

US President Donald Trump has been pursuing his trade policies aggressively and imposed tariffs on China, hitting billions of dollars of imports of Chinese products.