UNSC to discuss attack on UN personnel

UNSC to discuss attack on UN personnel

Agency News

United Nations, June 10: The UN Security Council is set to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the recent attack on UN personnel during the Kosovo police raids in the Serbs-populated areas of the region.

A special representative of the UN secretary-general is expected to report to the Security Council about this situation as the United Nations launched own probe into the attack on its employees perpetrated in disregard for their diplomatic immunity.

Tensions in the region flared up on May 28 when Kosovar police launched a special operation under the pretext of combating organized crime in the region’s north.Several people were injured and at least 19 people were detained as a result, including UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) staff member Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, who was beaten up and later hospitalised with a broken cheekbone and upper jaw. Along with the Russian national, another UN staffer, a Kosovar Serb, was also injured and arrested during the police raid. Both were later released, with the Russian transferred to a hospital in Belgrade.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov earlier said that Moscow was preparing to make a principled statement on the actions of the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo during the session. (UNI)