Murals help heal wounds of conflict in Guatemala

Murals help heal wounds of conflict in Guatemala

Agency News

United Nations, June 10: Guatemalans faced a horrific reality during the 36-year-long armed conflict between the military and guerilla groups, which killed at least 200,000 people in the Central American country, beginning in the early 1960s.

"The villagers knew that the military kidnapped indigenous people and brought them here and tortured them. While alive, they were forced to dig their own graves. Some would be buried in the ground, here, still half alive." The chilling words of Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez, a member of an indigenous group in Guatemala.

Now, Rosalina and the women of San Juan Comalapa, a municipality some 80 kilometers from the capital, Guatemala City, have established a memorial for victims of the conflict, due in part to the support of UN Women and other organisations.

The first of its kind in Guatemala, it is called the Center for the Historical Memory of Women, and has been painted with murals by artists from across the region. (UNI)