PM Modi calls for global meet to deal with terrorism and terror sponsors

PM Modi calls for global meet to deal with terrorism and terror sponsors

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Male, June 8 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said terrorism poses a major challenge globally and especially to countries like India and Maldives and asserted that there is a need for a global meet to discuss on terrorists and those who are supporting terrorism in the name of a good terrorist or a bad terrorist.

"I will expect the world bodies and especially the major global players that within a time frame, a global conference be convened to discuss matters pertaining to terrorism. So that we can discuss all issues and loopholes that the terrorists and their supporters make use of," Mr Modi said.

"To deal with terror and radicalism is a big challenge before the world community," Prime Minister said addressing People's Majlis - Parliament - of Maldives here.
He underlined that the manner the world has shown determination to deal with the challenge of climate change, the same sincerity must be shown in dealing with terrorism too.

The strong words on terrorism from Prime Minister Modi came on a day there have been reports that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has written letter to Mr Modi seeking to re-open the dialogue process. It is worth mentioning that India under PM Modi has taken a firm stance that no talks can be carried out with Pakistan unless Islamabad takes convincing and irreversible steps to fight terror menace and against the terror hideouts and groups.

Mr Modi said - "Terrorism is the biggest challenge, not just for one nation but for the entire world. Terrorists have no banks and gun factories and still, they do not lack money and resources"."There is no day that terrorism shows its ugly face in the world today," Mr Modi said adding questions on the 'sources' of money and weapons of the terrorist groups.

"Kahan se paaten haen...kaun deta hae yeh (Where from they get the resources, who provides them support of money and guns)," Prime Minister said in presence of Speaker of the Majlis Mohamed Nasheed and other lawmakers."State sponsorship to terrorism is single biggest challenge. It is a matter of concern that some people are still trying to distinguish between good terrorists and bad terrorists," Prime Minister said a lot of time has been already wasted by debating on these issues.

"The water (terror threat) is slowing touching the danger level," he remarked and maintained it is high time entire humanity should come together.Prime Minister emphasised that there should be no delay in dealing with terror menace and cautioned that "if we delay it further", the coming generation will not forgive us.
In the context of climate change, he said the changing weather conditions and dry spells and rivers have affected the farmers across the globe.Climate challenge is also a major issue for countries like the Maldives, he said. (UNI)