US-Mexico trade talks: Trump says ‘not enough’ progress being made

US-Mexico trade talks: Trump says ‘not enough’ progress being made

Agency News

Washington, Jun 6: US President Donald Trump said 'not nearly enough' progress is being made in negotiations with Mexico.
Mr Trump vowed import duties of 5 per cent will take effect on Monday if no breakthrough is achieved in the negotiations on the second day on Thursday.
The US President has threatened tariff so that Mexico stops the flow of Central American migrants flooding the country.
US Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard at the White House on Wednesday, but the 90-minute meeting ended without agreement, BBC reported.
Mr Ebrard told a news conference afterwards the negotiations had been cordial, but tariffs were not even discussed.
"The dialogue was focused on migration flows and what Mexico is doing or is proposing to the United States, our concern about the Central American situation," he said.
The US president, who is in Europe for World War Two commemorations, warned on Twitter that the tariffs would go ahead next Monday if there is no breakthrough.
Under his proposal, duties would rise by 5 per cent every month on goods including cars, beer, tequila, fruit and vegetables, reaching 25 pc by October.
Mr Trump wants Mexico to stop the hundreds of thousands of mostly Central American migrants, who have been seeking entry to the US this year.
The US president announced the planned Mexico tariffs last week on Twitter, catching members of his own party and financial markets unawares. (UNI)