Mexico optimistic about tariff talks with US

Mexico optimistic about tariff talks with US

Agency News

Mexico City, June 6: Despite no agreement on the first day of trade tariff talks related to the migration crisis on the US-Mexican border, Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard remained optimistic.

On first day of the talks, US President Donald Trump said that there was some progress in the negotiations, adding that the talks will continue on Thursday. "The main thing is the will for rapprochement. Let me stay optimistic. I would stay on the prospects that we will find a point of rapprochement as soon as possible. We had a good meeting and both sides were respected. We managed to explain Mexico’s position. Tomorrow, we will again hold talks," Ebrard told a press conference in the Mexican embassy in Washington DC late on Wednesday.

Last week, Trump said Washington would impose a 5 per cent tariff on all goods imported from Mexico beginning on June 10, adding that the duties would go up to 25 per cent by October unless the US southern neighbor alleviated the illegal immigration crisis.