Nepal plans curbs on Everest climbers

Nepal plans curbs on Everest climbers


In a season of disasters on the world's highest peak,  Nepal plans to restrict the number of climbers on  Mount Everest. This tightening of access to the peak is being viewed with a dose of skepticism by mountaineering experts who feel the proposed checks could be no more than paying lip service.

So far 11 people have died this climbing season even as a record number of adventurers has lined up on the route to the summit. Though a sort of traffic jam has been cited as the reason for the deaths, many experts feel inexperience is a bigger killer.

'Those who pretty know nothing of climbing, never been on a mountain have come and tried to scale Everest,' said a Chilean mountaineer.

'Many of them do not even know how to put on crampons or use the fixed ropes,' he pointed out. They banked on sherpas for accomplishing even these basic tasks.

Kathmandu had been  issuing permits to anyone willing to pay 11,000 dollars regardless of whether they are rookies  or veteran mountaineers.

But after this bitter spring season, Nepalese officials said they are considering imposing more curbs.