White House lawyer Emmet Flood to leave this month

White House lawyer Emmet Flood to leave this month

Agency News

Washington, June 2: US President Donald Trump has announced that White House lawyer Emmet Flood, who helped Trump during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 22-month Russia probe, will leave his position later this month.

"Emmet Flood, who came to the White House to help me with the Mueller Report, will be leaving service on June 14,” Trump wrote in a tweet on Saturday."He has done an outstanding job. Emmet is my friend and I thank him for the GREAT JOB he has done,” his tweet added, reported CNN.

Flood joined the White House in October 2018 during Mueller's probe into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and whether the president had obstructed justice.

Flood departure was not a surprise as he had been looking for the exit since the waning days of the Mueller investigation and had indicated to Trump weeks ago that he was likely to leave soon.

Trump and Flood met Friday in the Oval Office to discuss the timing of Flood's exit from the White House, a source familiar with the meeting told CNN. The source said that Flood's role has been winding down since the release of the Mueller report.

"Mueller himself has stated that the investigation is over and he is returning to private life. And so over the next couple of weeks, Emmet will wind down his role as well," the source said.

While the report concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, it was vague in whether Trump had obstructed justice, fuelling a political fight between Trump's supporters and critics. (UNI)