Indonesian Presidency hailed at UNSC

Indonesian Presidency hailed at UNSC

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New York, Jun 1 : Ambassadors of UN country members appreciated Indonesia's May 2019 Presidency at the UNSC and admired its leadership in various Security Council meetings, including its success in facilitating a number of agreements among the council members as a consensus, Indonesian foreign office said on Saturday.

"Indonesia's Presidency ran smoothly with its excellent programs, and we truly appreciated Indonesia's assertive and authoritative leadership as the President of the UNSC this month," Russia's Permanent Representative for UN in New York,Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia stated. Other Permanent Representatives also expressed similar opinions.

Appreciations also came from a number of media at the UN and civil society organizations. They stated that Indonesia had openly, professionally, productively, and objectively played its role at the Presidency.Since 1 May 2019, Indonesia's Presidency at the UNSC has produced a number of documents/products, including four resolutions, one Presidential Statement, 3 Press Releases, and three Press Elements. Indonesia's Presidency also managed to hold 2 open meetings on the UN Peacekeeping Mission and Civilian Protection, 15 open briefings, 14 closed consultations, and 3 Arria-formula meetings. There were a total of 45 activities within 22 working days of the UN.

Indonesia brought up the idea of “Investing in Peace" as its Presidency them to affirm its position at the Security Council. Indonesia's firm commitment was reflected by the attendance of its Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi at a number of UNSC meetings in May, especially those related to the Palestinian issues."Aside several UN formal meetings, Indonesia also held a number of meetings with the Secretary Generals of UN, NGOs, and European Union, in addition to initiating the Sofa Talk Meeting at Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia (PTRI) in New York where all ambassadors of UNSC members informally discussed several sensitive issues," Indonesia's Permanent Representative for the UN in New York, Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani explained.

Ambassador Djani added, "Indonesia highly appreciated the supports from all parties during its Presidency. In addition to pursuing our national interest, the Presidency was also targeted to accommodate differences among the UNSC country members as an attempt to create global peace and security."Indonesia's Presidency also aimed to promote its national cultural assets through batik and culinary diplomacy.

All ambassadors of the UNSC members supported Indonesia's batik diplomacy and collectively wore batik in numerous UNSC meetings, including at the closing reception of Indonesia's Presidency on 30 May 2019 at the UN Headquarter in New York. "Indonesia's batik brought out special color for the UNSC and we are happy to wear it," the ambassadors of the UNSC stated.

The closing reception of Indonesia's Presidency was concluded with the country's traditional and modern cultural exhibitions, including the Saman dance performance from Saman Kecapi Leuser Gayo and Indonesian students' band from Berklee School of Music in Boston. The Indonesian pop songs also escorted poco-poco dance and line dance. (UNI)