South Asia’s wealthiest person Moosa on Pakistani ISI’s killing list

South Asia’s wealthiest person Moosa on Pakistani ISI’s killing list

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Dhaka, May 28 : The world’s notorious arms trader Moosa Bin Shamsher, also known as Prince Moosa in Bangladesh, has been listed as the number 4 wealthiest person in South Asia region. But it is a matter of great concern that Moosa’s security is now at stake as he has been on ISI’s killing list, said sources.

Wikipedia of Google published the list of wealthiest persons recently. According to it, Mukesh Ambani of India, who was once a close friend of Moosa, was placed in the top list in the region as his world ranking in terms of wealth is 36.

Dilip Sanghvi was listed as 2nd wealthiest person in South Asia, while his world ranking is 44.

Azim Premji was listed as the 3rd wealthiest person in South Asia's ranking, while his world ranking is 55th.

According to the statistics, Moosa’s position is 4th among rich persons in South Asia, while his position is 70th in world ranking regarding rich people.
Moosa is widely known in the international arena as he was once a notorious international arms trader. Moosa’s position was next to Adnan Kashoggi, who was once a top arms trader in the world.

Prior to his death in 2017, Kashoggi handed over 20 billion euro to his close friend Moosa through a will.

A total of 32 billion euro (including the 20 billion) of Moosa is now kept with Swiss bank in freeze condition.

In a recent letter being sent to the Bangladesh government and Bank, Moosa sought their cooperation in bringing back the money.

Bangladesh would get immense financial benefit if steps were taken in bringing back the money, he mentioned in the letter.

Just after the country’s independence, Moosa being directed by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman played an important role in creating manpower export to different parts of the world through his company DATCO.

Besides, Moosa along with his strong team foiled Pakistani intelligence agency ‘ISI’s’ conspiracy of creating unstable situation in Bangladesh. He used to maintain close contact with Awami League leader Mohammad Hanif, also Ex-Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation. Moosa gave Hanif a message of advance warning about the August 21 grenade attack. The message was relayed and aimed at refraining Sheikh Hasina, the then opposition leader, from attending the party’s rally at Bangabandhu Avenue in Dhaka City. Paying no heed to the warning, Hasina attended the rally, where the grisly attack took place though Hasina escaped unhurt.

There were many such incidents, which were prevented due to initiatives taken by Moosa’s team. Hence, Pakistani spy agency has been displeased with Moosa.
The business tycoon told this correspondent that “at the moment I am the main target of ISI. Pakistani intelligent agents are trying to kill me. Law enforcers in Bangladesh have been informed of the matter”.

This correspondent talked to a number of eminent citizens and civil society members here about the matter.

Recalling Moosa’s contribution to the country, they called upon the government to ensure adequate security to Moosa considering his immense contribution to the nation. (UNI)