Baloch movement to hold protest against Pak nuke programme

Baloch movement to hold protest against Pak nuke programme

Agency News

Quetta, May 20: A Baloch nationalist political organisation will hold a protest abroad and carry out awareness campaign against Pakistani nuclear programme on May 28, according to press release of Baloch National Movement (BNM).

According to the central spokesperson of BNM, "the Baloch National Movement will protest internationally and on the zonal level on the day of 28th May as Black Day. " The purpose of these protests and demonstrations is to highlight the atrocities of Pakistan on the international level and send a clear message to the world that the "Baloch nation" was against all extremist religious state and nuclear weapons, he added.
The BNM will also run a social media campaign by using the hashtag of #NukeAfterMathInBalochistan. The spokesperson also appealed to social media users, human rights activists, and all Baloch political activists to participate in the protest and take part in our media campaign on 28th May.

" Nuclear radiations not only affected human beings but it also caused damages to the environment, weather and wildlife too. It resulted in a drastic change in weather patterns; draught has engulfed the areas, thousands of years old springs have dried up, fields turned into barren lands, he added, according to The Balochistan Post. The spokesperson appealed to the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to dispatch an inquiry team to Balochistan in order to investigate effects of atomic radiations.

Further, he said that twenty-one years ago the "occupying state" of Pakistan tested nuclear bomb on Baloch land at Chaghi and put the entire "Baloch nation" at the risk of nuclear radiation and till today the Baloch were suffering due to its residuals effects.

On the issue related to world peace and security of the region, he pointed out that Pakistani nuclear weapons should be taken into the "custody", because if Pakistan has these nuclear weapons the idea of world peace would remain "unachievable". (UNI)