Yemeni drones launch retaliatory raids: Al-Masirah

Yemeni drones launch retaliatory raids: Al-Masirah

Agency News

Riyadh, May 14 : In the wake of attack on two oil pipelines in Saudi on Tuesday, a military source told Al-Masiraha, a Yemeni TV channel, that the Yemeni Army have executed a large military operation against Saudis wherein about seven drones have targeted vital Saudi facilities.

The military source explained that "this wide military operation comes as a response to the aggression and the siege on the Yemeni People." "We are ready to execute more of these significant and hard strikes as long as the siege continues," he added.

Two pump stations at the East-West pipeline were attacked by armed drones here on Tuesday morning that caused a fire and minor damage, the Minister of Energy Industry, and Mineral Resources informed.

"Drones attacked two pumping stations of East-West pipeline, which carries Saudi oil from oil fields in the eastern province to the port of Yanbu on the west coast. The attacks caused a fire at station number 8, which Al-Falih said was controlled after causing limited damage".

The TV interview also revealed that the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees have swiftly shifted from using small drones into developing a larger version of a 'UAV-X' able to fly more than 1,400 km, making the Saudis and Emirates capitals within its fire range. The Wall Street Journal has highlighted the increasing risk posed by Yemeni drones on the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, that are leading a military coalition in Yemen since 26 March 2015.

As a precautionary measure, Saudi Aramco has closed down the pipelines, while they assess the damage and repair the pumping station to get it back to normal operation, according to Saudi Press Agency.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Ansarallah has warned the US-Saudi aggression of any escalation in the city of Hodeidah, vowing a response will be taken to the depth of the countries of the coalition, Saudi Arabia and the UAE if this happens. Sayyed Abdulmalik pointed out the US political protection of the coalition and the Israeli support does not give legitimacy to the coalition and that no one in this world has the right to confiscate this country and allow the blood of its people to be shed by the “occupier.” (UNI)