1.5 billion dollars sanctioned for Mexico wall

1.5 billion dollars sanctioned for Mexico wall


The Pentagon has said it was diverting another 1.5 billion dollars for new barriers to stop illegal immigrants on the US-Mexico border, following the authorization of 1 billion dollars in March.

The Acting Defense Secretary,Mr. Patrick Shanahan, has agreed to take charge of the replacement of 78 miles  of fencing on the southern frontier in Arizona and Texas, the defense department said.

'The funds were drawn from a variety of sources, including cost savings, programmatic changes and revised requirements,' spokesman,Mr. Tom Crosson said.'This transfer of funds will not affect military preparedness, nor impact service member benefits.'

Frustrated by Congress's refusal to provide the budget he wanted to build a wall, the President,Mr.  Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the border in February, asking to repurpose 6 billion dollars from military funds.

In March, Mr.Shanahan authorized 1 billion dollars to construct 57 miles of 18-foot  high barrier, improve roads and install lighting.The Pentagon has been under pressure to show it is not diverting the funds from combat missions or other vital work.

Mr. Shanahan said some of the diverted money came from unspent funds in Afghanistan.'We found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness,' he said, adding that 'I won't be reprogramming any more money for the border wall.'