Guterres has 35000 followers on Instagram now

Guterres has 35000 followers on Instagram now

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United Nations, May 10 : In just five days, the UN chief Antonio Guterres's new account on Instagram has garnered over 35,000 followers -- the highest number from the United States, followed by Mexico, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

The Secretary General has long highlighted the importance of young people in addressing the challenges confronting the world. And on 4 May, he took a page from their book and opened an Instagram account, reinforcing his role as the UN’s lead influencer. The move has been an immediate success.The fast-growing Instagram platform is very popular with young audiences, as evidenced by the majority of followers so far, who are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Providing social media fans with access to content not seen anywhere else, Mr. Guterres first post, pictured above, was both personal and authentic. "Looking out at this vibrant and diverse city, I remember all the villages and towns the world over, where I've heard people express the same, simple hope – for a life of dignity and security on a planet that is thriving", he wrote next to the photo of him taking in the stunning view from his office.

With over 20,000 engagements, or people who have responded to the Secretary-General's content, his very first post went viral. What’s more, comments from followers have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

On this new platform, Mr Guterres can share a personal, inside look into his work and the priorities of the Organization. His posts have already been noticed throughout cyberspace. Some of the UN agencies, Goodwill Ambassadors, Messengers of Peace, and other supporters who started following, have been spreading the word to their respective supporters to follow as well.

A case in point is UN environment’s Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher who encouraged his young and devoted fans to support the Secretary-General. This helped the UN chief kick off his account with exactly the youthful demographic he wants to hear the UN’s message.

And his ability to bring other major influencers on board has not waned. Malala, Leonardo DiCaprio and Yo-Yo Ma are just a small sample of the more than 60 celebrities following the UN chief. Moreover, he has amassed attention from over 20 Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society accounts. (UNI)