Erdogan says ‘organised crimes’ took place in Istanbul vote

Erdogan says ‘organised crimes’ took place in Istanbul vote

Agency News

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has alleged that the organized crimes took place in Istanbul election which resulted in the victory of opposition.

Erdogan and his Justice and Development (AK) Party suffered a major setback in last week's local elections after the opposition took control of the capital, Ankara, and won a tight race for Istanbul, after nearly 25 years of rule. Erdogan also demanded a full recount of votes cast in mayoral elections in Istanbul.

Erdogan himself rose to prominence as Istanbul's mayor in the 1990s before emerging as a national leader.

A partial recount of votes - mostly of ballot papers that were previously deemed invalid - demanded by Erdogan's party is taking place in several Istanbul districts. But the party said it will apply to the country's top electoral board to demand a recount of all the ballots.