Nepal to begin rail links with India, China

Nepal to begin rail links with India, China

Agency News

Kathmandu, May 4 : Nepal President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has said that her country was planning to start construction of railways linking Kathmandu with India and China within two years. "The Detailed Project Reports of Birgunj-Kathmandu and Rasuwagadhi-Kathmandu railways, connecting Kathmandu to both India and China by railways, will be prepared and construction works will be started within two years," said Ms Bhandari, while reading out the government's priorities for coming years on Friday at Parliament.

The President said the first trans-border railway between Nepal and India will be planned in the upcoming fiscal year. "Railway service will be made operational within the next fiscal year at Jayanagar- Bijalpura and from Bathnaha, India to Biratnagar. The construction of the railway at Bijalpura-Bardibas segment will be completed," she added. The Nepal Government said that the completion of technical studies for the construction of railways linking both the neighbouring countries has been completed in collaboration with the two nations. (UNI)